Know about LIPO batteries and how you can buy them

Every RC airplane hobby enthusiast knows how useful LIPO batteries can be. These are batteries that have the capacity to keep your plane running for a long time needless to say they have the highest power to weight ratio. Now the question is what is so special about these batteries, cant you use any other type of battery to fly the RC plane? Battery operated portable devices don’t enjoy an extended life. You have to undertake the exercise of changing the batteries quite often or charging them to keep the plane running. This becomes a menace as it restricts your flying time.

LIPO batteries also known as lithium polymer batteries have high electrochemical potential and this makes way for the battery to run for extended periods of time. Lithium being a light metal, these batteries are very light and also don’t need much room to be accommodated. These batteries are perfect to be fit into RC airplanes as they don’t add to the weight and on top of that also help the flyer take full advantage of their potential. You can easily buy LIPO batteries online as there are hobby sites that stock these batteries apart from other RC plane accessories.